September 26 e3, YOUR Dearborn Public Schools Employee News

Click for September 26 e3, YOUR Dearborn Public Schools Employee News

Greetings Everyone!

The school year is well underway and so is another year of e3 –“Your Staff Newsletter.”

e3 is a staff newsletter the Communications Office sends to all 2,300 staff members in the Dearborn Public Schools. New this year, e3 is coming to you as a Google document. The format is new, but inside this issue you’ll find the same helpful sorts of information you’ve seen in past issues of e3.

If you are new the District, or you just never clicked on the e3 links we’ve sent in the past, check it out! You’ll find important news, highlights of school activities, fun photos, and links to helpful resources and flyers about District events and community activities that may interest you, your students or your school community. We also feature classified ads in e3, your chance to sell “gently used items” you may no longer need.

More great stuff from the Communications Office… You may notice that links in the e3 sometimes lead to flyers posted in our blog. Check out the blog any time for new info or “subscribe” and you’ll automatically get a notice in your email box every Friday linking you the news and information we’ve posted throughout the week. Sign up at: blog

e3 is really about our District staff, so we encourage you to send items of interest to us via e-mail. You can send them directly to e3 Editor Leslie Herrick, or to our general communications email box at

Thanks for reading!

Your Communications team,

David Mustonen, Director, Communications & Marketing
Leslie Herrick, Communications Specialist & e3 Editor
Sherry Candea, Communications Technician
Erik Tschiggfrey, Cable Supervisor, Video Production
and our newest staff member: Jacob Farah, Digital Media Technician