April 27 Edition of the e3, YOUR Dearborn Schools Employee News

Greetings Friends!
It’s been an extremely busy week with three events that involved every school in the District!  On Monday, we held our first Care To The CORE Day, with activities focused on caring and sharing at EVERY school. Wednesday, more than 800 students representing every school in the District participated in the Youth Arts Festival and opening of the City-wide Student Art Show at the Ford Community & Performing Arts Center. And Thursday, outstanding teachers from across the District attended the Teacher of the Year Awards, also at the Performing Arts Center.  We worked diligently to gather photos and write about the highlights about these activities and much more for you to enjoy and share through the April 26 edition of the e3, YOUR Dearborn Public Schools employee enews. Enjoy!

Highlights in this issue:

  • Howard School Dragon Dash Color Run, Saturday, April 28
  • Wrap-up Event for The Big Read Dearborn, 2 p.m., Saturday, April 28
  • Dearborn High Film Festival, May 9 & 10
  • Volunteers needed for May 12 Robotics Competition
  • 25+ Club Dinner, Friday, May 18
  • Education Foundation Green Tie Dinner, Tuesday, May 22
  • Care to the Core Day photos in advance of highlights video at May 14 School Board Meeting
  • Photos and highlights of the Youth Arts Festival, Student Art Show Opening – Show runs through May 29
  • Teacher of the Year Award Winners
  • Edsel Ford Charity Week Raises $20,000 for good cause
  • 50/50 Big Shot Raffle tickets to benefit Education Foundation available now
  • Plus student successes, fun events across the District, photos, good news, the e3 classified ads, and more!
e3 is really about our District staff, so we encourage you to send items of interest to us via e-mail. You can send them directly to e3 Editor Leslie Herrick, herricl@dearbornschools.org or to our general communications email box at communications@dearbornschools.org.
Cheers, from your District Communications team,
David Mustonen, Director, Communications & Marketing
Leslie Herrick, Communications Specialist & e3 Editor
Sherry Candea, Communications Technician
Erik Tschiggfrey, Cable Supervisor, Video Production
Jacob Farah, Digital Media Technician