Impact Awards Presented to Four Staff Members

The Dearborn Public Schools recently presented Impact awards to four District staff members who consistently go “above and beyond” to give students, families and colleagues a positive experience at school. The recipients were nominated by students, parents or co-workers for their exemplary work in roles outside of classroom teaching.

The Impact award was created to recognize staff members who work in a wide variety of positions as they contribute to a positive school environment but do not qualify for the more well known Teacher of the Year Award.

Each one of the Impact honorees has a reputation for demonstrating the District’s Core Values. They are consistently professional, personable and polite, positively affecting students, parents and other staff members as they work in the District.

The 2018 Impact award recipients are: Counselor Ibrahim Baydoun, Principal Veronica Jakubus, Building Engineer Miron Kurylyuk, and Paraprofessional Dawn Ruprecht.

Impact award recipient Ibrahim Baydoun is a Counselor at Edsel Ford High School. The student who nominated Mr. Baydoun explained that he is a very hard worker, listens to every student, and always tries to find solutions. When this student first arrived in the United States, Mr. Baydoun took extra time getting to know the student to make sure that the student’s schedule was correct and he had the classes he needed. The nominator added, “Many times the work Mr. Baydoun does requires him to stay late, far and above what he is expected to do.”

Impact award winner Long Elementary School Principal Veronica Jakubus was nominated by a parent who explained that she “can rest easy at work knowing that Ms. Jakubus is overseeing the school and keeping our son safe. She is constantly doing the little things to make the school a safe and better place.” The nominator noted that one day, Ms. Jakubus walked their son all the way home just so he could get the Valentines he left on the kitchen table that morning.

Impact award recipient Miron Kurylyuk, Building Engineer at the Michael Berry Career Center, “makes sure the building he works in is always safe, clean, and operating at peak efficiency” stated his nominator. “Whether shoveling snow in the blowing wind, picking up trash in the pouring rain, or mowing the lawn in the sweltering heat, his pride in the appearance of our building shows in his attitude, his work ethic, and his beloved building… No matter what the request, his answer is never ‘no,’ but always ‘whatever I can do to help.’”

A 31-year veteran of the District, Impact award winner Dawn Ruprecht is a Paraprofessional who assists students with significant cognitive impairments. Her nomination read, “Always working to the highest standards, Ms. Ruprecht exhibits compassion and love for her job at Michael Berry Career Center, defining the role of a paraprofessional.” Her nominator emphasized that Ms. Ruprecht is dedicated, knowledgeable and a consummate team player. “She treats each student with respect and she accepts all students’ diversities and learning differences in the classroom.”

At the Impact awards presentation during the Dearborn Education Foundation’s Green Tie Dinner, Superintendent Glenn Maleyko, Ph.D., stated, “Congratulations to all four of this year’s Impact award winners. We thank each of them for their service and dedication to the students in the Dearborn Public Schools. It is because of you that we are a successful district that always puts Students First, to Inspire, Educate, and Celebrate.”

The top 25 Impact award nominees were invited to attend the Dearborn Education Foundation’s Green Tie Dinner along with a guest. The four award winners each received a special Pewabic Pottery tile plaque and $500.

The Dearborn Public Schools thanked the Dearborn Education Foundation for making the Impact awards presentation part of their event and, most importantly, for all they do to support Dearborn students and teachers in the classroom.

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Photos attached:

First (top) Photo:  Dearborn Public Schools Superintendent Glenn Maleyko presents an Impact award to Ibrahim Baydoun, a Counselor at Edsel Ford High School.

Second Photo: Dearborn Public Schools Executive Director of Student Achievement presents an Impact Award to Long Elementary School Principal Veronica Jakubus.

Third Photo: Dearborn Public Schools Superintendent Glenn Maleyko presents an Impact award to Dawn Ruprecht, a Paraprofessional at Michael Berry Career Center.