Addressing Rumors In Our Community

Hello Friends,

It has come to our attention that their are rumors and false claims being circulated in our community regarding the Food Service Department in the Dearborn Public Schools.

We are not privatizing the food services department as we plan to retain our own employees.

The District is implementing a Food Service RFP to provide an enhanced service to our students. It was something that our customers the students asked for.

The upper management (chef, nutritionist etc. will be contracted by an outside vendor).We have been extremely transparent throughout the process.

Again we are doing this to ensure that we place students first with every decision that we make.

Thank you

District, City, & Community Partners To Conduct Emergency Readiness Exercise

photo of William Ford Elementary School

– Police, EMS, local hospitals, and school personnel will take part in June 19, 2018 practice at William Ford Elementary.

The planning started over a year ago and on Tuesday, June 19, 2018 the Dearborn Public Schools will partner with several different organizations in the city to conduct an emergency readiness exercise at William Ford Elementary School, 14749 Alber Street, Dearborn 48126.

Beginning at 8:30 a.m. and continuing until noon, residents in the area, and those traveling near the school, will see police, fire, and many other emergency personnel in and around the school.

“For the past several years we have worked with police and fire officials at the City of Dearborn to conduct Table Top exercises at several of our schools. This live exercise is the natural progression of the Table Top events and will help our schools and emergency responders better prepare for an actual emergency situation,” commented event organizer and Dearborn Public Schools Director of Safety and Security Dr. Don Ball.

The June 19 practice exercise will involve a threat made to a school via social media and then the individual making the threat will attempt to access the school. Police, as well as fire and EMS, will have the opportunity to practice their response to the situation. Beaumont Hospital will use this event to review their procedures regarding reunification of families. Henry Ford Hospital Fairlane will also be taking part and will receive “casualties” to their emergency facilities at their Dearborn location.

“The number of organizations taking part in this exercise demonstrates the advantages to building strong community partnerships in our city. We especially appreciate Mayor O’Reilly’s leadership and his continued focus on keeping Dearborn, and our schools, a safe place for all,” commented Dearborn Public Schools Superintendent, Dr. Glenn Maleyko.

Over the years, the Dearborn Public Schools have been actively involved in addressing school safety and creating a safe school environment. Most recently the district added a system that requires visitors to request access before entry doors are unlocked, physically moving the location of the main office at several schools to create a safer entry way, annually updating school and district emergency plans, and school and district emergency teams meet on a regular schedule throughout the year in order to review and practice different emergency procedures.

The major piece to the Dearborn Public Schools safety plan is the strong partnership with the Dearborn Police Department. With direction from Mayor John B. O’Reilly Jr., Chief Ronald Haddad has established a robust community policing model, which means that patrol officers routinely visit all schools in the city. For the 2017-18 school year, officers made 4,612 School Park and Walk visits as part of their daily patrols. These routine visits allow officers to build strong relationships with the staff and students in the schools and go a long way in preventing problems before they occur.

In addition, seven School Resource Officers (SRO’s) are assigned to schools in Dearborn. These highly trained officers spend their days in the schools and become part of the building culture. Working with the school’s administration, the SRO’s are highly effective in helping to identify and investigate possible threats to school safety before they reach a critical level.

“Our district has been very proactive over the years and will continue to build upon our strong partnership with the city to ensure a safe school environment for students and staff,” added Superintendent Maleyko.

Clarifying January 26, 2018 Incident At Dearborn High School

In the wake of the reporting on the terrible tragedy that occurred in Florida, there have been many additional news stories regarding school safety and the debate on gun laws.  Several stories have used an interactive map showing the history of gun violence in schools over the years.  This map points out any type of gun incident at a school or university.  For example, there are several incidents that cite an accidental discharge of a weapon including one incident involving a law enforcement officer.  Another incident points out a suicide in a car that was in a parking lot of a community college.  Although these examples include a gun on school property, they are not comparable to the horrific mass shootings that have occurred at schools over the years.

The map includes a location in Dearborn where gun violence took place at a school.  This incident occurred on January 26, 2018 and all information was shared with the community the night the event took place (See Superintendent’s Letter). One random shot was fired in the air by an individual who was not a Dearborn student and no one was injured. As a follow up, the individual involved in this incident has been identified by police and they are working to bring him to justice. It was also discovered, through the investigation, there is a strong possibility that the single shot fired actually took place off school property.

The District is by no means trying to minimize the incident that occurred after school outside of Dearborn High nor are we trying to downplay the seriousness of other incidents that have occurred across the country.  We do feel that it is important to accurately identify the context of these events which sometimes can get lost in a dramatic headline, soundbite, or social media post.

To put the massive loss of life that occurred in Florida, and other places, into the same category as an incident where no one was even injured in an attempt to boost a statistic or sensationalize a headline is a questionable practice.  The event that happened at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Florida, and others like it, need no further sensationalizing. They stand alone as horrific tragedies that tear at our emotions.

There is no argument, violence of any type; whether caused by a gun, knife, fist, or any other object is not acceptable in a school environment.  The district fully supports efforts to protect children, keep our schools safe, and eliminate guns from school property.  We will continue to work with our staff, students, community, local law enforcement, and government officials to create a safe and secure learning environment for all students in the Dearborn Public Schools.


Superintendent Dr. Glenn Maleyko blog-

Source for information cited- “Bakersfield Now staff- Thursday, February 15th 2018

Complete list of the 18 incidents that have occurred at schools and universities in 2018 please visit:


Nominations Due May 9 for 2016 Impact Award!

-Nominations from student and parents welcome to celebrate non-teaching staff members

Children become successful thanks to their own talents and initiative, but critical to getting them on the right track are the combined efforts of many adults, at home and in school.

Students and parents have the opportunity to recognize Dearborn Public Schools staff members, besides teachers, who make outstanding contributions to helping students, enhancing the classroom environment or providing excellent customer service in other roles.

Nominations are welcome for the Impact Award, introduced in 2015 by the Dearborn Public Schools. The deadline for submitting nominations is noon on May 9, 2016.

Click here to complete the on-line Nomination Form

Nominations forms and details about eligibility can be found in this PDF- 
Impact Awd Ovrvw App 2016

Four winners will be announced on May 25 at the annual Green Tie Event, sponsored by the Dearborn Education Foundation. Winners will receive $500 and an engraved award.

For more information about nominating a staff member or any aspect of the Impact Awards, contact the Communications Office at 313-827-3006 or email

February 24 Edition of e3, Your Staff Newsletter

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This issue is packed with district news including exciting events.
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  • Video entries due March 4 in Safe Driving video competition
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Feb. 24, 2016 e3 FINAL

First Graduates of 2016

No packed auditoriums or stadiums but the pride in the room could have filled an arena. That was the atmosphere at the Adult Education Graduation in January. Specifically, five students completed the Medical Assistant Clinical or Medical Assistant Clerical program providing them with the skills and knowledge to secure employment in the healthcare field.

Board of Education President, Ms. Mary Lane shared congratulatory remarks with the students and their family members. She praised the students for their determination and persistence as they balanced family, work, and school in order to successfully complete the program.

Adult and Community Education has been part of the Dearborn Public Schools for more than 80 years and is proof of the district’s commitment to lifelong learning.

Med Asst Grad Jan2016

Ms. Greaves, Medical Assistant/Clinical Instructor stands with program graduates: Wafaa, Amanda, Asiya, Inas, Ms. Morgan,Medical Assistant/Clerical Instructor; and Javed