Impact Awards Presented to Four Staff Members

The Dearborn Public Schools recently presented Impact awards to four District staff members who consistently go “above and beyond” to give students, families and colleagues a positive experience at school. The recipients were nominated by students, parents or co-workers for their exemplary work in roles outside of classroom teaching.

The Impact award was created to recognize staff members who work in a wide variety of positions as they contribute to a positive school environment but do not qualify for the more well known Teacher of the Year Award.

Each one of the Impact honorees has a reputation for demonstrating the District’s Core Values. They are consistently professional, personable and polite, positively affecting students, parents and other staff members as they work in the District.

The 2018 Impact award recipients are: Counselor Ibrahim Baydoun, Principal Veronica Jakubus, Building Engineer Miron Kurylyuk, and Paraprofessional Dawn Ruprecht.

Impact award recipient Ibrahim Baydoun is a Counselor at Edsel Ford High School. The student who nominated Mr. Baydoun explained that he is a very hard worker, listens to every student, and always tries to find solutions. When this student first arrived in the United States, Mr. Baydoun took extra time getting to know the student to make sure that the student’s schedule was correct and he had the classes he needed. The nominator added, “Many times the work Mr. Baydoun does requires him to stay late, far and above what he is expected to do.”

Impact award winner Long Elementary School Principal Veronica Jakubus was nominated by a parent who explained that she “can rest easy at work knowing that Ms. Jakubus is overseeing the school and keeping our son safe. She is constantly doing the little things to make the school a safe and better place.” The nominator noted that one day, Ms. Jakubus walked their son all the way home just so he could get the Valentines he left on the kitchen table that morning.

Impact award recipient Miron Kurylyuk, Building Engineer at the Michael Berry Career Center, “makes sure the building he works in is always safe, clean, and operating at peak efficiency” stated his nominator. “Whether shoveling snow in the blowing wind, picking up trash in the pouring rain, or mowing the lawn in the sweltering heat, his pride in the appearance of our building shows in his attitude, his work ethic, and his beloved building… No matter what the request, his answer is never ‘no,’ but always ‘whatever I can do to help.’”

A 31-year veteran of the District, Impact award winner Dawn Ruprecht is a Paraprofessional who assists students with significant cognitive impairments. Her nomination read, “Always working to the highest standards, Ms. Ruprecht exhibits compassion and love for her job at Michael Berry Career Center, defining the role of a paraprofessional.” Her nominator emphasized that Ms. Ruprecht is dedicated, knowledgeable and a consummate team player. “She treats each student with respect and she accepts all students’ diversities and learning differences in the classroom.”

At the Impact awards presentation during the Dearborn Education Foundation’s Green Tie Dinner, Superintendent Glenn Maleyko, Ph.D., stated, “Congratulations to all four of this year’s Impact award winners. We thank each of them for their service and dedication to the students in the Dearborn Public Schools. It is because of you that we are a successful district that always puts Students First, to Inspire, Educate, and Celebrate.”

The top 25 Impact award nominees were invited to attend the Dearborn Education Foundation’s Green Tie Dinner along with a guest. The four award winners each received a special Pewabic Pottery tile plaque and $500.

The Dearborn Public Schools thanked the Dearborn Education Foundation for making the Impact awards presentation part of their event and, most importantly, for all they do to support Dearborn students and teachers in the classroom.

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Photos attached:

First (top) Photo:  Dearborn Public Schools Superintendent Glenn Maleyko presents an Impact award to Ibrahim Baydoun, a Counselor at Edsel Ford High School.

Second Photo: Dearborn Public Schools Executive Director of Student Achievement presents an Impact Award to Long Elementary School Principal Veronica Jakubus.

Third Photo: Dearborn Public Schools Superintendent Glenn Maleyko presents an Impact award to Dawn Ruprecht, a Paraprofessional at Michael Berry Career Center.

Dearborn’s Got Talent! March 8 City-wide Student Talent Show

Dearborn’s Got Talent!
-City wide event on March 8 will showcase the best in high school talent

Talented high school students from across Dearborn will compete for top honors at the third annual “Dearborn’s Got Talent!” show on Thursday, March 8, at 6:30 p.m. at the Ford Community & Performing Arts Center. The Center is located at: 15801 Michigan Avenue, Dearborn, MI 48126.


Tickets are on sale now to see the dazzling competition as “the best of the best” talented students from Dearborn High School, Edsel Ford, Fordson, Henry Ford Academy, and Divine Child entertain and amaze the audience with gymnastics, singing, rapping, dancing, musical instruments and more. Performers were selected during preliminary competitions held at each high school.

“Dearborn’s Got Talent!” is organized by the City of Dearborn’s Youth Affairs Commission, comprised of high school students from all three of Dearborn’s public high schools and Divine Child High School as they work to bring together students from across the city through activities that promote teamwork and understanding.

Click here for printable flyer:

Click here for a printable press release: R20 Dearborn’s Got Talent March 8

Special guest judges include local celebrities and dignitaries.

Tickets for general admission seating are on sale now at the Ford Community & Performing Arts Center Box Office. Prices in advance are $5 cash, $8 credit card. Prices on March 8 are $7 cash, $10 credit card. For Box Office hours or to purchase tickets with a credit card online, call (313) 943-2354.

The student who wins first place in the competition will receive a grand prize and their school will be given a special medal to display until the 2019 “Dearborn’s Got Talent” competition.

Support for the show is provided by the Dearborn Public Schools, the Dearborn Community Fund, and the Cultural Arts Division of the City of Dearborn Department of Recreation and Parks.

For more information about “Dearborn’s Got Talent” and the City of Dearborn Youth Affairs Commission, contact David Norwood, Advisor to the Youth Affairs Commission, City of Dearborn,
(313) 943-2159.


Note: Dearborn Public Schools is pleased to distribute this press release in support of this event. For more information about Dearborn’s Got Talent event or the Youth Affairs Commission, please contact David Norwood, Advisor to the Youth Affairs Commission, City of Dearborn, (313) 943-2159

Press Release #20 /2017-18
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: February 28, 2018

Contact: David Norwood, Advisor to the Youth Affairs Commission, City of Dearborn
(313) 943-2159

Time To Nominate Your Favorite Teacher!

It’s time for students to nominate their favorite Dearborn Public Schools teacher for the 2018 Alberta Muirhead Teacher of the Year Students’ Choice Award, sponsored by the Dearborn Area Chamber of Commerce, and presented by LaFontaine Automotive Group. The deadline for submitting applications is Friday, March 16, 2018 at 5 p.m.

An on-line nomination form can be found on the District’s website ( or directly at:

Or click here for a printable form:

Printed nomination forms may be picked up at any Dearborn public school and the District’s Administration Office, 18700 Audette. They can be dropped off or mailed to the Dearborn Area Chamber of Commerce, 22100 Michigan Avenue, Dearborn, MI 48124, or faxed to (313) 584-9818. Adults may assist students in completing nominations when necessary, but no more than two teachers can be nominated per student.

Students may nominate new or veteran teachers whom they feel have made outstanding contributions to the teaching profession. Pre-K through second grade students are asked to describe how their teacher makes learning fun. Students in this category can include a nice drawing, if they wish, but it will not be part of the selection process. Third through fifth grade students must describe how their teacher has created a classroom where learning is positive and fun. Middle school students (grades 6-8) are asked to explain how their teacher connects classroom learning with everyday life. Students in high school must describe how their teacher is preparing them to be successful beyond high school.

“Nominating a teacher for this award is an outstanding way for students to show their teachers how much they appreciate and value the job they are doing in the classroom and the positive impact they have on their life. We have so many excellent teachers who are deserving of this recognition, and I hope all of our students will take a few moments to nominate their favorite teacher,” commented Dearborn Public Schools Superintendent Glenn Maleyko.

Applications will be assessed on the quality of the nomination, not on the number received. Award judges are members of the Dearborn Chamber Education Committee and are not provided with the teachers’ names. One winner from each category will be announced at a special ceremony being held at the Ford Community and Performing Arts Center on Thursday, April 26, 2018 at 4:15 p.m. The public is welcome to attend this free event.

Teachers selected to receive the Teacher of Year Award are being recognized as positive role models who consistently provide unique, productive, positive classroom experiences. Teachers selected receive a $1,000 cash prize, a glass award commemorating their achievement, and most importantly will be part of a select group of Dearborn teachers who have been recognized by the community for their dedication and passion for teaching.

“I want to thank the Chamber of Commerce and all the sponsors for once again hosting this event,” Maleyko added. “Our district is very fortunate to have so many great community partners.”


Press Release #18/2017-18
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: February 23, 2018
Contact: David Mustonen, Communications Director
(313) 827-3006

Clarifying January 26, 2018 Incident At Dearborn High School

In the wake of the reporting on the terrible tragedy that occurred in Florida, there have been many additional news stories regarding school safety and the debate on gun laws.  Several stories have used an interactive map showing the history of gun violence in schools over the years.  This map points out any type of gun incident at a school or university.  For example, there are several incidents that cite an accidental discharge of a weapon including one incident involving a law enforcement officer.  Another incident points out a suicide in a car that was in a parking lot of a community college.  Although these examples include a gun on school property, they are not comparable to the horrific mass shootings that have occurred at schools over the years.

The map includes a location in Dearborn where gun violence took place at a school.  This incident occurred on January 26, 2018 and all information was shared with the community the night the event took place (See Superintendent’s Letter). One random shot was fired in the air by an individual who was not a Dearborn student and no one was injured. As a follow up, the individual involved in this incident has been identified by police and they are working to bring him to justice. It was also discovered, through the investigation, there is a strong possibility that the single shot fired actually took place off school property.

The District is by no means trying to minimize the incident that occurred after school outside of Dearborn High nor are we trying to downplay the seriousness of other incidents that have occurred across the country.  We do feel that it is important to accurately identify the context of these events which sometimes can get lost in a dramatic headline, soundbite, or social media post.

To put the massive loss of life that occurred in Florida, and other places, into the same category as an incident where no one was even injured in an attempt to boost a statistic or sensationalize a headline is a questionable practice.  The event that happened at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Florida, and others like it, need no further sensationalizing. They stand alone as horrific tragedies that tear at our emotions.

There is no argument, violence of any type; whether caused by a gun, knife, fist, or any other object is not acceptable in a school environment.  The district fully supports efforts to protect children, keep our schools safe, and eliminate guns from school property.  We will continue to work with our staff, students, community, local law enforcement, and government officials to create a safe and secure learning environment for all students in the Dearborn Public Schools.


Superintendent Dr. Glenn Maleyko blog-

Source for information cited- “Bakersfield Now staff- Thursday, February 15th 2018

Complete list of the 18 incidents that have occurred at schools and universities in 2018 please visit:


AdvancED Team Will Wrap Up Visit At Special Board Meeting

 Press Release #17/2017-18
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: February 13, 2018
Contact:  Fatme Faraj, Director- School Improvement/Leadership Coaching
David Mustonen, Communications Director

AdvancED Team Will Wrap Up Visit At Special Board Meeting
–  Three day evaluation of District schools concludes with special Board of Education meeting on February 14, 2018.
     The Dearborn Public Schools is hosting an evaluation team from AdvancED starting on Monday, February 12, 2018.  The review takes place every five years and is part of the process to earn accreditation through the North Central Association Commission on Accreditation and School Improvement (NCA CASI).  Accreditation is a voluntary method of quality assurance where schools, districts, and universities are held to rigorous standards and heightened accountability.  The current Systems Accreditation will expire in June 2018 and the District is looking forward to being granted accreditation for another five year period.
      Under the new process, the visiting team no longer awards accreditation status. Instead, the team will report back to the AdvancED home office, where a final determination will be made.  The team will report on their findings at a special Board of Education meeting on February 14 starting at 3 p.m. at the Administrative Service Center, 18700 Audette, Dearborn.  Staff, students, parents, and community members are invited to attend this public meeting.
      “We invite everyone to attend and take full advantage of this opportunity to hear an outside group of highly skilled educators provide a non-bias evaluation of the education taking place in our classrooms,” commented Ms. Fatme Faraj, Director, School Improvement and Leadership Coaching in the District.
      Ms. Faraj and her team have spent the last several months collecting artifacts (evidence) of the work taking place in the district, preparing accountability reports, setting up several announced and unannounced school visits, and making sure all the logistical details of the visit are in place.
The external review team is made up of a lead evaluator from out of state and an associate lead evaluator from within the state.  Additional team members from in and out of state participate in the review.  The visiting accreditation team will review reports, examine evidence, visit a number of schools, and conduct on-site interviews with various stakeholder groups.
      “The time spent with the AdvancED team has been very productive.  We have been able to share data about our programs, tour our schools, and provide them with a wealth of information that will help them in their evaluation of the teaching and learning taking place in our classrooms,” Ms. Faraj added.

Career and Job Fair February 28

Career and Job Fair February 28

The Dearborn Public Schools and the Adult Education Department have partnered with Henry Ford College, the American Arab Chamber of Commerce, Michigan Regional Council of Carpenters and Millwrights, and the City of Dearborn to host a Career & Job Fair on Wednesday, Feb. 28, 2018 from 5 to 8 p.m. at the Ford Community & Performing Arts Center.

Students, alumni and the public are invited to attend to gather information and talk with representatives of a wide variety of hiring employers.

The event is free and open to the public.  No pre-registration is required.

A wide variety of businesses and organizations will be available to talk with participants about job opportunities. Some of the industries that will be represented at the job fair include:

  • Health
  • Technology
  • U.S. Armed Forces
  • Education
  • Financial Services
  • Retail
  • Colleges and Universities
  • Construction Trades

Businesses interested in hosting a recruitment table at the Career and Job Fair contact the American Arab Chamber of Commerce at (313) 945-1700 for table fees and details.

For more information, call Ms. Wedad Maatouk, Career/College/CTE Community Partnership Liaison, Dearborn Public Schools Adult Education, at (313) 827-4820.

Michael Berry Career Center College & Career Night 2/15/18

The Dearborn Public Schools Career & Technical Education (CTE) Department will host a College and Career Night on Thursday, February 15 from 5 to 7 p.m. at the Michael Berry Career Center, located on the Dearborn Heights Campus at 22586 Ann Arbor Trail in Dearborn Heights.
All Dearborn middle and high school students, along with their families, are invited to attend and explore exciting programs available to prepare them for life after high school, how to get into college, how college works, and how to best prepare for the in-demand, high-paying jobs of tomorrow.  The event is free.
At the College and Career Night:
• Meet MBCC staff and students, tour the building and learn about Career and Technical Education programs in Health Science, Culinary Arts, Digital Design and Media, Business and Computers.
• Teachers from all Dearborn High School, Edsel Ford and Fordson will be on hand to talk about the CTE classes available to students as electives.
• Representatives from Henry Ford College and several other colleges will be on hand to discuss college credit for high school coursework (articulated credit), college applications, financial aid and what to expect after graduation.
• Local businesses will share information about the current job market and how to best prepare for current job openings.
• Members of local skilled trades organizations will talk about how to receive high-tech training and get a great paying job, without college loans and debt.
• Counselors and CTE staff will discuss the Michigan Merit Curriculum and how CTE classes may meet some graduation requirements.
• Various student organizations will be present to talk about student leadership, competition, and how to apply classroom learning to the real world.
• Dearborn Adult and Community Education will be available to discuss GED, ESL and training classes available to all Dearborn residents.
For more information, contact Mr. John Bayerl, CTE/Perkins Supervisor, Michael Berry Career Center at (313) 827-4808 or email

Thank You School Board Members! New Officers Selected

Thank You School Board Members!

– Board selects new officers at first meeting of 2018

As part of School Board Recognition Month, Superintendent Dr. Glenn Maleyko took time at the January 8, 2018 School Board meeting to thank the Trustees for their service to the community.  

“School Board Trustees dedicate a lot of time sharing their expertise to benefit the students and families of our District. They are very knowledgeable about the workings of our district and the latest issues impacting education. As Superintendent, I truly appreciate the diversity of experience and professionalism our Trustees bring to the table,” commented Maleyko.

The Board of Education selects its own officers at the first meeting each January. In photo, the 2018 Board of Education with titles of newly selected officers, from left to right: Trustee Mary Lane, Board Secretary Hussein Berry, Trustee Celia Nasser, Board President Michael Meade, Board Vice President Mary Petlichkoff, Board Trustee James Thorpe and Board Treasurer Fadwa Hammoud.

School Board members in Dearborn develop policies and make tough decisions that help shape the future of instruction in the District. They bear responsibility for the third largest district in the State of Michigan with an annual budget of more than $170 million, an enrollment of 21,000 students, and employs 2,700 staff members working in 34 buildings.  

In addition, trustees that serve on the Dearborn School Board serve as trustees for Henry Ford College. They are the only school board trustees in the state that also serve as trustees for a local college. This dual responsibility means trustees spend twice the amount of time dedicated to serving the community. They evaluate both the Superintendent and College President, attend twice the number of meetings, and must keep abreast of issues, laws, and legislation impacting both P-12 and the College.

At the Board meeting Superintendent Maleyko commented, “I’ve worked with all of these Board members on important issues over the past year including, just to name a few: expanding our early childhood and teacher home visit programs, leadership during contract negotiations, long term solutions to capacity concerns, and an ongoing commitment to establishing measurable goals that will steer our district for years to come. We thank our Board for their hard work, dedication and collaborative partnership.

School Board members serving the students in the Dearborn Public Schools are:

                                      Term Expires   Years Served   Year Elected

Trustee Hussein Berry          12-31-22          5*          Jan. 2017
Trustee Fadwa Hammoud    12-31-22       2.5**         July 2015
Trustee Mary Lane                12-31-18      17***        Jan. 2000
Trustee Michael Meade        12-31-20         3            Jan. 2015
Trustee Celia Nasser            11-6-18          .5        appointed June 2017
Trustee Mary Petlichkoff        12-31-20       7****       Jan. 2007
Trustee James Thorpe          12-31-18        1            Nov.2016

The Dearborn Board of Education, and the hundreds like it across the state, preserves the core of the United States’ democracy, public education.  They ensure that decisions on school programming are made by people elected to represent the community’s values, culture and circumstances.  They are citizens whose decisions affect students and build the local community.

* Served on Board from Jan. 2010–Dec. 2013; **Appointed July 2015 to serve 17 month term; ***Did not serve on the Board in 2008; **** Served on Board from Jan. 2007–Dec. 2010

Public Invited to 3rd Annual #TheRealDearborn Unity March

Public Invited to Join In 3rd Annual #TheRealDearborn Unity March

For the third straight year Dearborn students have organized #TheRealDearborn Unity March, inviting the public to participate at 1 p.m. on Martin Luther King Jr. Day, Monday, January 15.

Concerned about inaccurate descriptions of life in Dearborn, students from Dearborn, Edsel Ford, and Fordson have worked together to once again organize the march in an effort to bring people together and show the diversity and unity of Dearborn. The students agreed that Martin Luther King Day was the perfect time to hold #TheRealDeaborn Unity March celebrating Dearborn’s historic diversity, rich culture, and united community.

“The students believe strongly in their city and have worked hard to host an event that showcases the welcoming community spirit that thrives in Dearborn and gives everyone the opportunity to show their support,” Dr. Maleyko commented. “They invite everyone to participate.”

The public is invited to gather outside the west entrance of the Michael Guido Theater located at the Ford Community and Performing Arts Center, 15801 Michigan Ave., Dearborn, 48126 at 1 p.m. to take part in the event. Those in attendance will march from the theater entrance a short distance to the Henry Ford Centennial Library and then back to the theater. The event will then move indoors for a short program that includes students sharing their stories and readings to demonstrate how life in Dearborn exemplifies Dr. King’s message of brotherhood/sisterhood.

The students organizing the march hope the approximately 90-minute long event will draw hundreds of supportive youth and families, community leaders and civic organization members. Dearborn Public Schools Superintendent Dr. Glenn Maleyko, Dearborn Mayor John B. O’Reilly, Jr., and other prominent members of the community are already planning to attend.

The students encourage people to visit the Twitter and Instagram accounts promoting the January 15 #TheRealDearborn March. People are invited to post photos and comments @RealDearborn.

For more information about how you or your organization can take part in the January 15th #TheRealDearborn March, please contact Ms. Violet Souweidane at or Ms. Norma Harb at Media inquiries should contact Dearborn Public Schools Director of Communications Mr. David Mustonen at or (313) 827-3006.

(Photo from 2016 #TheRealDearborn March.)

Chatting With The Superintendent, Schedule

Chatting With The Superintendent

-An opportunity for informal conversation with the Superintendent and his administrative team

Parents, community members, and school district staff are invited to chat about the Dearborn Public Schools with Superintendent Dr. Glenn Maleyko during informal meetings at several schools this year.  The “Chatting With The Superintendent” evenings are less formal than School Board meetings, providing an opportunity for interactive conversation on a variety of school related topics.

Chatting With The Superintendent- Schedule of Meetings

October 23, 2017, Edsel Ford High School, Staff- 2:30pm, Parents- 6pm

November 16, 2017, McCollough-Unis K-8 School, Staff- 3pm, Parents- 4:30pm

January 22, 2018, Dearborn High School, Staff- 3:30pm, Staff- 6:30pm

February 5, 2018, Geer Park Elementary, Parents- 4pmParents- 5pm

March 19, 2018, Michael Berry Career Center, Staff- 2:15pm,  (MBCC), Parents- 5:30pm, Staff- 3:40pm, (STEM)

April 23, 2018, O.L. Smith Middle School, Staff- 3pm, Parents- 6pm

“I appreciate the opportunity to talk with our community and provide individuals with the big picture story of our district, listen to their thoughts and comments, and hopefully answer any questions they may have for me or our administrative team,” Superintendent Maleyko commented.

“Last year, we discovered this casual relaxed setting allowed for good conversation, the sharing of ideas, and a platform that encouraged open dialogue. I’m looking forward to this year’s chats.

The meetings are open to all community members, district staff, students, and parents. All parents are welcome to attend any one of the scheduled “Chats” even if their child attends a different school.  This year’s schedule starts October 23, 2017 at Edsel Ford and ends April 23, 2018 at O.L. Smith.

Maleyko stressed that the conversation will be driven by those in attendance and focus on topics related to individual schools or the District as a whole.  Parents who may want to discuss an individual student should arrange to meet privately with the principal of the school or the child’s teacher.

“Some of the most popular conversations last year included questions addressed by Dr. Dan Patterson, our Director of Testing and Evaluation,” Maleyko noted. “As a result of parent input, Dr. Patterson was able to work with other instructional team members to reduce time spent on District testing.”

Topics that may be discussed at this year’s superintendent chats could include the District’s Strategic Plan and how it is guiding instruction in the classroom.  Other topics may include the School Improvement Process, budget, or addressing the increasing enrollment in the District.  Cabinet members from both the instructional and non-instructional side of the school District’s operations will be on hand to assist in answering questions.